Specialized in the repairing and servicing of gearboxes

Tecnotrasmissioni srl was founded in 1988 as a company specialized in the repairing and servicing of gearboxes for cars and commercial vehicles of all car brands. .

The excellent quality of the transmissions produced by Tecnotrasmissioni Srl comes from highly specialized work, the use of original spare parts, the strict respect of construction specifications and the manufacturer's advanced instrumentation used during the selection and testing: all in addition to the know-how developed in over twenty years of activity, the company's technical database, in order to reproduce the technical requirements engineered by the manufacturers, with a view to containing costs.

The reconditioned units are individually tested on precise performance parameters, with numerical control test benches that validate the full efficiency, verifying the functionality not only in the transmission gears or gear ratios, but also for the noise and the sealing function.

Tecnotrasmissioni Srl constantly has about 400 transmissions ready for delivery (new and regenerated), has the possibility to prepare in rotation the most frequently used transmissions, based on customer identification (OEM code or chassis number of the car), or possibly to rebuild the original group as provided directly by the customer, based on a clear and reliable quotation.

Given the success of recent years, Tecnotrasmissioni Srl has greatly expanded its new and rebuilt spare parts stock, of each car brand, as well as overhaul kits for specialized operators in order to meet swiftly the increasing numbers of requests. This has led to daily shipments throughout Italy, and the inclusion of larger clients globally.

We are active on the international market with two branches in Brazil and in Argentina.