FCA Heritage proposes the Abarth transformation box for Fiat Abarth 595 From the 1950s, the Abarth brand became famous thanks to the processing kits for Fiat cars.

Today, FCA Heritage reproposes the famous transformation box for the Fiat 500 that has made the history of the Scorpio House.

"FCA Heritage launches the re-edition of the processing kit, inspired by the original transformer boxes made by Carlo Abarth for the Fiat 500 starting from 1963.

Proposed in its original design, the wooden box contains all the mechanical components necessary to enhance the engine of vintage Fiat 500s or to replace worn mechanical parts of the classic Fiat Abarth 595s. "

The contents of the transformation box include:




Wooden box with original and Classiche Abarth graphics containing

1. 2 pistons set, Ø 73,50mm

2. 2 cylinders, Ø 73,50mm

3. Valves’ springs series


4. Cilynders head gasket


5. Camshaft

6. Weber 28 IMB 5/250 carburettor

7. Carburettor connection

8. Specific oil sump

9. Suction extension

10. Metal sheet conveyor

11. Complete Record Monza exhaust system with brackets

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