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The quality level of the reconditioned gearboxes that Tecnotrasmissioni proposes derives from the use of original spares and from the rigorous respect of the specific techniques of the house builders.

We are specialists in:

  • Reconditioned gearboxes for cars and commercial vehicles of all brands
  • Gearbox reparation, differential and transmission groups
  • Rotation service
  • New spare parts store
  • Rebuilt spare parts store
  • Gearbox transformation for special applications
  • Revisions, reconstructions and spares for historic cars and competition
About Tecnotrasmissioni

our Products and Services

Tecnotrasmissioni retrieves all types of transmissions from the international market and implements them with its own store. Further to the customer requirements they are reconditioned to customers individual needs and specifications and supplied in exchange, reducing down time of vehicle.


Reconditioned Gearboxes

Wide range of rebuilt gearboxes, delivery within 24 hours by express courier, we purchase the old cores.

For historic cars

Reparation, reconstruction and a large availability of spare parts for historic cars.

Spare Parts

Wide range of adaptable spares for our production, together with high precision special spare parts.

Ebay Store

Visit our Ebay store where to find deals for car spare parts FCA, Lancia, Alfa

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Online products and offer.

FCA Group
Export operator

We are official export operator for FCA Group for spare parts with special prices.